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Quotes/Facts / FACTS
« on: June 02, 2017, 02:31:30 PM »
   1. Babies are born without kneecaps.

   2. There is a city called ROME in every continent.
   3. Owls are the only birds that can see the color blue.

   4. In a typical lifetime we spend over 6 years dreaming.

   5. Having blue eyes is actually a mutation. Before the mutation occurred all humans had brown eyes.

   6. All animals dream too.

   7. Right handed people, on average live 9 years longer than left handed people.

   8. You forget 90% of dreams within 10minutes of waking up.

   9. Everyday, you are breathing in about 1/4 of other people's farts.

  10. Valentine's day is one of the days with the highest suicide rates.

  11. 1 out of 8 couples married in the U.S last year met online.

  12. No word in the English language rhymes with month.

  13. The most common name in the world is MOHAMMED.

  14. Giraffes are unable to cough.

  15. An average person will laugh 15 times a day.

  16. A cow can climb stairs but they can't come down.

  If you are having fun, feel free to comment and express yourself. you are also free to post anything. we want to comment and enjoy reading your posts too.         


Mother $ child / BAD PARENTING
« on: June 02, 2017, 02:09:01 PM »
 Learn more on bad parenting;
1. If your child intentionally disturbs you, it is because YOU ARE NOT physically affectionate enough.

2. If your child is lying, it means YOU OVERREACTED  to the mistakes in past.

3. If your child had poor self-esteem, it is because YOU ADVICE them more than you encourage them.

4. If your child does not stand up for themselves, it is because FROM A YOUNG AGE you disciplined them regularly in public ( PARENTS SHOULDN'T DO SO EVEN IN FRONT OF SIBLINGS, FRIENDS OR COUSINS).

5. If you buy everything for your children still they take things that belong to them, it is because YOU DON'T LET THEM CHOOSE.

6. If your child is a coward, it is because YOU HELP THEM TOO QUICKLY. Don't remove every OBSTACLE from their path.

7. If your child is jealous, the reason might be YOU COMPARED them with others consistently.

8. If your child gets angry quickly, the reason might be YOU HAVE NOT  praised them enough. They only get attention misbehaving.

9. If your child doesn't respect others feelings, the reason might be YOU ALWAYS ORDER THEM. Not giving importance to their feelings.

10. If your child is secretive, the reason is YOU BLOW things very big.

11. If the child behaves rudely, it is FROM PARENTS OR OTHERS LIVING with them.

   ENJOY READING..............
    We love You.....

Education / WISE WORDS
« on: May 18, 2017, 10:07:09 PM »
1. Make Goals.

2. Smile at Strangers.

3.Being old is not dictated by your bedtime.

4. If you have to fight, punch first and punch hard.

5. Know the words to your national anthem.

6. Ladies, if you make the decision to wear heels on the first date commit to keeping them on and toning down how much your feet kill.

7. Always wear a bra at work.

8. There is a fine line between looking sultry and slutty. Find it.

9. You are never too old to need your mom.

10. Make the little things count.

11. Never call someone before or after 9am and 9pm.

12.You won't always be the strongest of fastest. But you can be the toughest.

13. Don't litter.

14. If you have a sister, get to know her boyfriend. Your opinion is important.

15. Be kind. Everyone has a hard fight ahead of them.

16. Learn to change a tire.

17. You are what you do. Not what you say.

18. An hour with grandparents is time well spent. Ask for advice when you need it.

19. Don't be the talker in a movie.

20. Be patient with airport security. They are just doing their job.

21. Carry your mother's bags. She carried you for 9 months.

22. Keep your word.

23. Know the size of your boyfriend/girlfriend's clothes.

24. Dance with your mother/father.

25. If you don't understand, ask before it's too late.

26. Always thank the host.

27. Don't lose your cool. Especially at work.

28. It's okay to go to the movies by yourself.

29. Be cool to younger kids. Reputations are built over a lifetime.

30. Know how to cook one good meal.

31. Know at least one good joke.

32. Forgive yourself for your mistakes.

33. Thank the bus driver.

34. Admit it when you're wrong.

35. If you offered to help don't quit until the job is done.

36. Stand up to bullies. you'll only have to do it once.

37. Don't stare.

38. Never be the last one in the pool.

39. Make time for your mom on your birthday, It's her special day too.

40. When you marry someone, remember you marry their entire family.

41. Know when to ignore the camera.

42. Under no circumstances should you ask a woman if she is pregnant.

43. It's never too late for an apology.

44. Never get your haircut the day of a special event.

45. Don't linger in the doorway. In or out.

46. Take a vacation from your cell phone, internet and Tv once a year.

47. Keep a picture of your first fish, first car, first boyfriend/girlfriend.

48. When entrusted with a secret, keep it.

49. Never cancel dinner plans by text message.

50. There are plenty of ways to enter a pool. The stairs is not one of them.

Quotes/Facts / 4 Facts on Bruce Lee
« on: May 18, 2017, 09:40:04 PM »

1. Bruce Lee could punch holes in a soda can with his fingers. Well this was at the time where these cans were made of freaking steel.

2. He was so fast he could take a coin from your open hand and replace it by another before you had time to close it.

3. Marital arts films are usually sped up, but Lee's movements were so fast they couldn't be captured in 24fps ( the average frame rate back then), so they were shot in 32fps.

4. Bruce Lee's family lived in Hong Kong, but his father sent him to San Francisco ( where he was actually born) when he was a teen because he would always get in trouble with Hong Kong Police for being a well known street fighter.

Quotes/Facts / 👏👏👏
« on: May 18, 2017, 09:18:27 PM »
Don't we love to be inspired.. Guildersforum stands for everything you can think of. We are everywhere... We don't carry last.. Better go and invite your friends and family.. This is a serious something..

Quotes/Facts / DO YOU KNOW??
« on: May 18, 2017, 09:08:42 PM »
Stay glued to your device for more..

Quotes/Facts / DO YOU KNOW?
« on: May 18, 2017, 09:04:29 PM »
Let's educate and inspire one another with informations. Teamguildersforum

Quotes/Facts / Team Get Inspired
« on: May 18, 2017, 08:16:40 PM »
Inspire yourself.
Inspire someone.
Nobody is allowed to be left in the dark. Teamguildersforum

Romance❤️ / 6 TYPES OF LOVE
« on: May 18, 2017, 08:10:08 PM »

AGAPE; Selfless altruistic love; spiritual.

MANIA; Obsessive love; experience great emotional highs and lows; very possessive and often jealous lovers.

PRAGMA; Love that is driven by the head, not the heart.

LUDUS; A love that is played as a game or sport; conquest; may have multiple partners at once.

STORAGE; An affectionate love that slowly develops from friendship, based on similarity.

EROS; A passionate physical and emotional love.

« on: May 18, 2017, 08:01:10 PM »
Bad breath crushes Self-Esteem. it's hard to feel good about yourself or your abilities when you're worried that others are offended by the smell of your breath. Below are steps on how to get rid of bad breath;
 1. Take 1teaspoon of cinnamon powder
 2. Add 1teaspoon of baking powder to the cinnamon powder.
 3. Add 2teaspoon of honey
 4. Squeeze the juice of 1/2 lemon.
 5. Pour 1 cup of warm water.
 6. Store it in a jar with a tight fitting lid.
 7. Finally, use 1-2 tablespoon as a mouth wash for 1min.
Please feel free to invite friends to join us and get informed daily.. Goodluck...

Education / Do you know
« on: May 15, 2017, 11:10:04 PM »
Do you know

Education / Do you know
« on: May 15, 2017, 11:04:44 PM »
Stay glued to your phones,computers,laptops etc for more on DO YOU KNOW.....

1. If you brush your teeth with baking soda, be careful how long you do it. It is not recommended to apply this ingredient for more than seven days in a row, as it may harm the enamel of your teeth. Baking soda prevents tooth decay, removes plaque and gives your mouth a fresh breath.

2. Squeeze the oil from an orange peel and apply it on your teeth, leaving it on for about 30 minutes. Then, brush gently and clean your mouth with water. The orange peel has limonene and terpene properties, helping in the process of tartar or plaque removal.

3. Prepare the following paste: 1 tbsp of baking soda, 1 tbsp of table salt,a few drops of orange peel oil and a several drops of water or hydrogen peroxide. Apply the paste two times a day, preferably in the morning and in the evening. In addition, clean your mouth with salt and water after every meal; it will strengthen your gums.

Romance❤️ / Seven ways to keep your V*gina Vibrant
« on: May 10, 2017, 12:02:09 PM »


These are a couple of tested and trusted measures the female folks could employ in taking good care of their private parts.
The v*gina, just like other body organs, can atrophy when it’s not being taken care of, or put to proper use for that matter.
In order to make your v*gina feel and behave young, here are the seven simple steps to take:
• Stay s*xually active:
Just as is the case with any body part, the v*gina is a “use or lose it” organ. According to an expert in female sexual health and vaginal rejuvenation, Dr. Karen Boyle, as a woman ages, she begins to lose fat in the v*gina areas, such that the v*gina can start to sag. What to do? Stay s*xually active. You need to get stimulation and increased blood flow to that area, otherwise, the tissue and muscle can change, Boyle says.
Blood flow through s*x and orgasm will help in keeping it lubricated. Plus, if you are not worried about pregnancy, your partner’s semen may have an anti-aging effect because of the hormones, fatty acids, and anti-inflammatory compounds that semen contains.
• Switch s*x positions by mounting your man:
Sex experts say that when you are always the one under during s*x, the way your man pounds at your vagina can cause stretching, because he will the one to control the pace and the intensity of the thrusting, which means he may accidentally push past what’s physically comfortable for you. By contrast, when you’re on top, you’re in control—and “it’s much easier to contract those muscles when you’re on top,” says Boyle.
• Use mild cleansers:
Scrubbing the living daylights out of your labia is not only unnecessary, but harsh soaps can leave you dry and irritated down there. The labial tissue is so sensitive, such that a gentle cleansing is all that you need to keep fresh any time.
• Maintain health weight:
If you are the type that gains and loses weight carelessly, it can make your vulva to flop. According to Boyle, if your weight fluctuates wildly, it may lead to more stretching. And if you’re super skinny as an ageing woman, your private parts can start to look as gaunt as your face, researchers warn.
• Exercise your Kegels muscles:
When you exercise the Kegels muscles, it gives you a tighter vagina and, ultimately, better s*x. How to do Kegels exercise? Cosmetic gynaecologist, Dr. Marco Pelosi, says, contract your pelvic floor muscle like someone trying to withhold pee, do it for five seconds, relax, and repeat 100 times, three times a day.
You can also make Kegels fun by squeezing a few reps in during s*x. You can imagine pinching your partner’s penis with those muscles, which helps you target the right spot (and gives your guy an extra, pleasurable sensation).
• Ditch your office chair:
For a little extra workout for your v*ginal muscles, that is—trade your desk chair for a Swiss ball for 15 minutes a day. This forces the muscles of your pelvic floor to contract, without doing a single squeeze, says Pelosi. “It feels like nothing is happening, but it’s a very efficient way to keep the pelvic floor toned,” he says.
• Long bike rides are not exactly for you:
Except you are training for a triathlon, you may not engage in long bike rides. This is because the constant friction of crotch-to-seat contact can pull and stretch your labia, especially if you have naturally pronounced outer lips, says cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Christine Hamori.

Football / Announcement!!!!
« on: May 10, 2017, 11:56:11 AM »

F.C. Internazionale Milano announces that it has parted ways with head coach Stefano Pioli and his technical staff. Inter thanks Stefano and his team for the dedication and hard work carried out at the Club over the last six months in what has proven to be a difficult season.

Primavera coach Stefano Vecchi will take charge of the first team immediately and for the remaining three matches of this season. The Club will begin planning now for the next season.

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